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한국 영화에 나타난 다문화 양상 연구 -이방인 수용 양상을 중심으로-A study on the multicultural aspect in Korean movies -centering on acceptance of the aliens-

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A study on the multicultural aspect in Korean movies -centering on acceptance of the aliens-
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hospitality; multiculturalism; multicultural movies; foreign workers; marriage migrants; becoming-; subaltern; alien; deterritorialization; reterritorializatio
영화연구, v.47, pp.239 - 262
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With the number of foreigners living in Korea exceeding one million, it is rapidly becoming a multinational country. This changes into multicultural society have been implicated the legal, institutional, cognitive problems that discrimination against migrant workers, the problem of multicultural families. The approach how to respond to this multicultural phenomenon have been various an issue from presentationism approach to the conflict resolution approach depending on the type and purpose. This article study how Korea movies describe the lives of domestic foreigners, especially foreign workers, marriage migrants and North Korean defectors. This article trace the multicultural awareness pattern appeared in Korea film for 10 years through the analysis of the text from 1997, the initial of a sudden increase migrants, screened <Barricade> to 2010 opening <Banga? Banga!>In this paper, I tried to approach by applying several concepts that epistemological foundation of multiculturalism. The first concept is Spivak said 'Can the Subaltern Speak?'. The prominent aspects of foreign workers appeared film is the image oppressed by their identity can not say. <Barricade>(1997), <Failan>(2001), "Never Ending Peace And Love" in <If You Were Me>(2003), "Bicycle Trip" in <If You Were Me : Anima Vision>(2005) and <Hello, Stranger>(2007) created by the Human Rights Commission is regarded as such. The second concept is Derrida said 'Hospitality'. Derrida, the 'alien' is not existing rule, but given the relatively title depending on the location. "Syabangsyabang syaralra" in <If You Were Me - Anima Vision 2>(2008) and short film <Moondy> (2008) show a tendency that aliens assert their rights. Thirdly, Deleuze / Guattari say 'becoming -' is. In recently movies like <Where is Ronny...> (2009), <Bandhobi>(2009), <Banga? Banga!>(2010) appears the pattern of becoming aliens of Korean. Perspective on foreigners in films opposed with reality, suggest a direction to improve the reality proving contradictions of the real. Beyond the 2000 mid-year, the direction of becoming minority of many increasingly appear more than oppositional relationship of Korean/ alien. This direction aims at escaping the center, reaching reterritorialization through deterritorialization. This study will be a part of evidence that the movie can present goals of a multicultural society.
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