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현대 복식에 나타난 에스닉 미니멀리즘에 관한 연구A Study on the Ethnic Minimalism Expressed in Mordern Fashion

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A Study on the Ethnic Minimalism Expressed in Mordern Fashion
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ethnic(민족적); minimalism(최소주의); oriental(동양의); post-modernism(포스트 모더니즘)
복식, v.58, no.3, pp.63 - 78
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Since 1960, minimalism has been one of the fashion phenomenon and turned out in many different ways. After postmodernism which contains negotiation and pluralism, appeared in 1980, there was a new wave of post minimalism that inherited 1960's minimalism. Minimal style which come out of 60's fashion, is marked by simplicity, minimal expression, and monochrome color, and it shows up simple style with no decoration. It opened up a young fashion period, and we saw minimal style in sports wear which utilized simplicity and function with spread of sports in the 70's. And also since 1980, Post-Modern widely influenced the idea about modern culture as well as complicated clothes getting rid of fixed concept, seeking to break the boundary between culture and life which were seek in fashion and personality as well as various characteristic, Accordingly in different ages, The style and image were borrowed from different culture and natural environment mixing the image, cultural phenomena like these appearing in complexity and expression, variety and possibility of new vision was expanded. Since 1980, Fashion has become more gradually diversity, high classed, required of each individuality. The phenomenon of fashion reappearance which was influenced by minimalism is continued to 2000. The Oriental style fashion is still attracted, so The new term "Ethic Minimalism" has appeared along with the trends which is put together. Therefore the purpose of this study is to search the concept and the characteristics of ethnic minimalism, to consider the relationship between minimalism and ethnic minimalism, and reveal the characteristic of ethnic minimalism happened to modern fashion. The study method went through literature research and practice research. The range of this study is oriental fashion spanning of from 1960 to current day. Photo records from this period show well the spirit of the oriental and the personality of minimalism. The oriental representative designer and western representative designer are centered Consequently, The formative characteristics of ethnic minimalism are simple, pure, unbalanced free style and representing the phenomena of compromise, blending oriental and western fashion. Structually, Elements of space and plane are emphasized, colors are restricted, and materials are composed mainly of natural fiber. So, minimalism based on simplicity combined with a structure of oriental spiritual depth and space, It could be called ethnic minimalism as a rational fashion.
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