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디지털 네이티브 세대를 위한 대학 토론수업의 방향 모색Contemplation on the Direction of a University Debate Course for Digital Native Generation

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Contemplation on the Direction of a University Debate Course for Digital Native Generation
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critical thinking; debate; digital native; online debate education model; untact environment; 비판적 사고; 토론; 디지털 네이티브; 온라인 토론교육 모델; 비대면 환경
화법연구, no.54, pp.47 - 99
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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, on-line education was proceeded in full swing. Thus, changes were inevitable in the class of <Critical Thinking and Debate> which operated through students’ presentations and actual practices. This research contemplates the direction of university debate education in the digital era, especially based upon students’ opinions about “online debate practice” and the opening of “intensified curriculum.” This was done using surveys related with the <Critical Thinking and Debate Class> which was operated as an S-women’s university’s obligatory general education course. This research suggested the aggressive utilization of digital contents and the necessity of customized education for each learner in future debate classes considering the change of educational environment and the presence of new students. Under a full scale online classes with no restrictions on the time and space, this research claimed the necessity of strengthening the network between a professor and a learner and their communication. It also asserts to build up a real/non-real cooperative learning system. In order to strengthen the learner’s curiosity and accessibility, this research emphasized that the class should critically use various contents like YouTube video clips, soap operas in Netflix, and movies. The class also needs to be operated through an online-based participating platform where students’ various activities are easily available. It suggested the following actions as a direction for debate education in the digital era: (1), development and internalization of a step by step teaching and learning module for the learner-centered debate education; (2), institutionalization of a debate clinic with a professor’s role of tutor, coach, and curator for debate education; (3), development of micro contents and aggressive utilization of digital contents; (4), intensification of the communication track for continued debate education; (5), and establishment of online debate education model. With these, I’d like to contemplate the direction of a university’s critical thinking and debate education while reflecting "the digital difference" in the digital era.
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