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한국의 상사법원 도입 필요성에 관한 연구A Study on the Necessity of Introducing Commercial Courts in Korea

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A Study on the Necessity of Introducing Commercial Courts in Korea
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상사법원 도입; 상사법원; 상사법원의 전문화; 상법; 국제상사법원; lntroduction of Commercial Court; Commercial Court; Specialization of Commercial Court; Commercial Law; International Commercial Court
선진상사법률연구, no.100, pp 197 - 227
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본 연구에서는 회사소송을 중심으로 상사법원 도입 필요성을 검토하고자 한다. 본 연구의 구체적 연구 범위는 다음과 같다. 첫째, 상사법원 도입과 관련하여 회사소송 중심으로 그 도입례를 제시한다. 기업의 기업지배구조개선 노력은 ESG(Environmental, Social, Governance) 등을 통해 현실화되고 있으며, ESG의 구체적 실현으로 주주, 이해관계인 등의 권리주장은 더욱 향상될 전망이다. 회사와 관련된 소송은 민사소송과 회사법이 중첩되는 영역이라고 할 수 있으나, 회사소송과 민사소송의 관계 및 회사소송을 포함한 상사소송 도입에 관한 체계적인 연구는 미흡한 실정이다. 특히 2000년부터 2021년 9월까지 발간된 국내의 연구보고서, 논문, 정책보고서를 수집・분석한 결과, 국내 상사법원 도입에 관한 연구는 전무후무한 상황이다. 싱사소송을 포함한 구체적인 상사소송의 통계자료도 확인되지 않았으며, 민사소송에 포함되어 집계는 되고 있었지만, 상사비송사건의 경우만 연간 통계자료가 산출되고 있었다. 본 연구는 문헌조사 방법을 주축으로 직접적 조사방법을 활용하여 연구를 수행하였으며, 구체적으로는 국제상사법원을 선도적으로 설립하여 운영하고 있는 국가로 미국, 영국, 네덜란드를 선정하고 해당국들의 상사법원 설치 실태를 조사한 뒤, 설립・운영의 과정과 운영사항에 관한 구체적인 내용을 개관한다. 아울러, 한국의 상사소송상의 인력부족, 전문성 부재, 상사법리 해석의 문제점을 지적하고, 전문 상사법원 도입에 관한 당위성과 도입방안을 제시하고자 한다.
This study intends to examine the necessity of introducing a commercial court with a focus on corporate litigation. The specific research scope of this study is as follows. First, in relation to the introduction of the commercial court, an example of its introduction is presented focusing on corporate litigation. This study is to conduct a study on the introduction of commercial courts focusing on stock companies under the Commercial Act and the Financial Investment Services and Capital Markets Act. Efforts to improve corporate governance are becoming a reality through ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance), etc., and the concrete realization of ESG is expected to further enhance the claims of shareholders and stakeholders. Company-related litigation is an area where civil litigation and company law overlap, but systematic research on the relationship between company litigation and civil litigation and the introduction of commercial litigation including company litigation is insufficient. In particular, as a result of collecting and analyzing domestic research reports, papers, and policy reports published from 2000 to September 2021, there is no research on the introduction of commercial courts in Korea. was not confirmed, and it was included in civil litigation and counted, but only in the case of non-commercial litigation cases, annual statistical data were calculated. In this situation, the research was conducted using the direct research method with the literature search method as the main axis. Specifically, the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands are selected as the countries leading the establishment and operation of international commercial courts, and after examining the status of the establishment of commercial courts in those countries, the process of establishment and operation and specific details of the operation are reviewed. In addition, it is intended to point out the problems of manpower shortage, lack of expertise, and interpretation of commercial law in Korea's commercial litigation, and to suggest the justification for the introduction of a specialized commercial court and a plan for its introduction.
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