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대학의 고등교육 ODA 성공요인 분석A Case Study on Higher Education ODA Strategies

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A Case Study on Higher Education ODA Strategies
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한국외국어대학교 국제지역연구센터
ODA; ODA in education; higher educational institute; university; ODA by university; 국제개발협력; 고등교육; 국제협력 선도대학사업; 한-캄보디아 ODA; ODA실행연구
국제지역연구, v.21, no.4, pp 3 - 32
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본 연구는 대학이 국제협력 사업 및 해외교류 사업을 추진하는 데 필요한 전략과 성공요인을 분석하는데 목적을 두었다. 이를 위해 대학이 추진하는 고등교육 ODA 대표 사례로서 국제협력 선도대학 성공 사례에서 사용된 전략과 성공 요인을 실행연구의 방법으로 도출하였다. 이를 통해 향후 대학의 고등교육 ODA 사업 수행을 위해 필요한 추진체계와 전략 등을 시사점으로 제시하였다. 연구에서 사용한 분석대상으로는 2010년 이후 교육부와 한국연구재단이 추진한 고등교육 ODA 정책사업인 국제협력선도대학사업 중 국내 E대학과 캄보디아 R대학 간 협력사례를 선정하였다. 연구의 결과로서 도출된 E-R 사업의 성공요인은 다음과 같다. 첫째, E-R 대학협력사업은 기초문해교육과 전공교육, 개발연구역량 강화 등을 이질적인 사업을 동시에 추진하면서도 모니터링과 의사소통강화, 단계적 집행 등을 통해 사업의 효율성을 제고하였다. 둘째, E-R 대학협력사업은 교육 분야 ODA의 특징을 살려 인재양성과 교육혁신이라는 두 분야에 초점을 맞추어, 사업 종료 이후에도 수원국 내 고등교육 역량을 신장하고 사업의 지속성을 제고하였다. 셋째, E-R 대학협력사업은 파트너 대학 뿐만 아니라 정부와 연구 기관 등과의 파트너십 강화를 통해 사업의 효과성을 높일 수 있었다. 이는 향후 E-R 대학 협력 사업의 후속 사업 수준에 긍정적인 영향을 미쳤다.
This study aims to figure out the strategies and tactics for the success of a university-driven higher education ODA policy project. For this, we analyzes one government funded ODA project which is university takes the authority of planning, implementation and monitoring as the acting agency. The main subject of the study is the Leading University Project for International Cooperation, governmental policy project entrusted to universities for ODA participation of the ministry of education of Korea and its features as ODA projects on education area, as the type of higher education ODA policy project. And the specific case is the Cambodian Higher Education Curriculum Enhancement Project between Korea and Cambodia universities, which named as the E-R project. For this, we do action research on the E-R project as a case study. In aspect of data collection, this study collects and analyzes the official documents of the project design obtained from government, the project planning report written by the universities, and the evaluation reports by the universities themselves and external expertise committees. The main findings of this study are as follows and the strategies to enhance the effectiveness and substantiality of E-R project; For the fist, even E-R project consists with three major project parts; literacy education, university major courseware innovation, and development research enhancement– the project agency located in E school’s center performs the control tower to maintain the coherence of the project, concentrate and allocate the project energies within the school. Second, based on the strong point and assignment of educational ODA, E-R project puts the substantiality of the project on the top of the implementation task force, and this runs the education innovation spread out R universtiy and Cambodian higher educational ecosystem at the major subject E-R project focusing down; social welfare studies, environmental engineering, Korean language and literature. Third, the strongly-chained partnership, ‘rapport’ between E university and R university including Cambodian Development Institute(CDI) and their government authority enables the administrative and finance support on this E-R project, such as reorganization of the school. It increases the efficiency and substantiality of the E-R project. Finally, E-R project concentrates how to keep the substantiality to spread the impact of the project beyond one-time government funding from the very first moment of the project planning. So then E-R project agency develops the post E-R project and gets the fund from Korean government. From this study, the successful key factors can be more generalized towards this type of ODA project, featured as government funded– university driven higher education ODA project, therefore its effectiveness with efficient management, educational innovation, longitudinal project partnership, and substantiality.
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