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프랭크 게리의 뮤지엄건축 공간특성 연구A Study on the Spatial Characteristics of Frank O. Gehry's Museum Architecture

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A Study on the Spatial Characteristics of Frank O. Gehry's Museum Architecture
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Frank O. Gehry; Museum Architecture; Spatial Characteristics; 프랭크 게리; 뮤지엄 건축; 공간특성
한국문화공간건축학회논문집, no.61, pp 3 - 10
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This study is focused on reiterating Frank O. Gehry’s emotional and sculptural aspects on spatial characters which may not follow the traditional theory and paradigms of architecture. In particular, this paper is focused to verify his inspiration and sensibility acquired by the surrounding environment and how he interprets his unique concept into extra ordinary form & composition, the technology, and how he combines the materials to complete each museum. Also, focused on how the public spaces, exhibition spaces, and exterior surrounding spaces are in harmony to accommodate the user experience perfected by his subjective architectural judgment in his museum architecture. Although many studies on Gehry have been done so far. this study selected his major museum projects from his early years such as Vitra Design Museum to his recent works such as the Louis Vouitton Foundation to research the exceptional architectural subjectivity and his emotional design aspects. The analysis were done by actual site visits and reference search. The focus of the analysis were on finding background of museum on its purpose & function, relationship to the site, characters of the interior and exterior spaces, methods of utilizing natural light and the character of form and composition to complete a museum architecture. On chapter 2 Gehry's background on architecture is reviewed, chapter 3 was focused on analysis of three museums he designed, and conclusion was made on chapter 4. In conclusion, first, Gehry make sure his museum to be the main subject in the foreground against the background environment but always balance with background. Second, his space organization has improvising character but enough to enhance the art works displayed. Third, how to bring in natural light is important for his work and his way of perforating corner or rooftop provide space full of emotion and enhance irregular form inside. Lastly, the technology played integral part for realizing unique space and form shown in Gehry's works. Gehry’s museum architecture evolved over the years but his way of combining scale and materials and his ways challenging details with technology have been changing a lot but his way of bring in exceptional and uniquely developed architectural concept has been consistent.
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