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『白花道場發願文略解』의 저술과 유통-새로 발견된 판본과의 비교를 중심으로-The Writing and Publishing of Baekhwadoryang-balwonmun-yakhae -compared with the new founded print-

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The Writing and Publishing of Baekhwadoryang-balwonmun-yakhae -compared with the new founded print-
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Baekhwadoryang-balwonmun-yakhae; Baekhwadoryang-balwonmun; Avalikitesvara belief; Chewon; Euisang; woodblock print; publication; Baekhwadoryang-balwonmun-yakhae; Baekhwadoryang-balwonmun; Avalikitesvara belief; Chewon; Euisang; woodblock print; publication; 백화도량발원문약해; 백화도량발원문; 관음신앙; 체원; 의상; 판본; 간행본
한국사연구, no.151, pp 33 - 61
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Baekhwadoryang-balwonmun-yakhae(白花道場發願文略解) is the book which was wrote by Chewon(體元) in late Goryeo dynasty. He interpret Baekhwadoryang-balwonmun(白花道場發願文) which was wrote by Euisang(義相), who took root Avalikitesvara belief in Silla and founded Hwaeom thought. So this book shows us Chewon's Avalikitesvara belief and also shows the clear aspects of Silla Avalikitesvara belief. This book was founded 8 prints, and the new print became known. Former prints are equally omitted 5th and 7th sheets among 20 sheets. But the new one have these two sheets. So we can thr entire Baekhwadoryang-balwonmun and Baekhwadoryang-balwonmun-yakhae. Among 305 characters of Baekhwadoryang-balwonmun, 48 characters are newly known. Especially we can know clearly the latter of first part of Baekhwadoryang-balwonmun-yakhae. That part is devided into four small parts, and they are analyzed with essence(體), aspects(相), function(用) relationship. The new print shows most clear printing condition than any other print. And this one was assume the first printed edition among all remaining printings now. Among other prints, Gyujanggak A and Gyujanggak B were printed earlier than other, and rest prints like National Library A were printed in 20th century before and after. In 1334, 20 sheets which consist of 10 wood blocks were made. Soon 3 wood blocks were missed, and those 3 were remade. At that time, the new print was printed. So the new print shows most clear condition. But this new print omitted the first sheet because of wearing down. After that time other 1 block 2 sheets were missed. So afterwards print omit these 2 sheets. Again after that time, 2 blocks 4 sheets were missed. So afterwards print omit 6 sheets including former 2. Now 7 blocks 14 sheets are remained at Haeinsa temple. With these blocks, 6 prints like National Library A among 9 prints were printed in 20th century before and after. Among 6 prints which consist of 14 sheets, 2 prints transcribe omit 4 sheets, and other 2 prints copy the omit 4 sheets from Gyujanggak print, and other 2 prints remain empty. This new print of Baekhwadoryang-balwonmun-yakhae shows the importance of finding new print. It gives us complete text which was not known, and give a suggestion to presume the publishing and circulation of the print.
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