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朝鮮初期 良賤制論의 정립과 그 의미 -劉承源의 『朝鮮初期身分制硏究』를 중심으로-The meaning and thesis of the yangchunjae theory of the early Chosun —Focused on Yoo-Seungwon's ≪Study on status system of early Chosun Dynasty≫—

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The meaning and thesis of the yangchunjae theory of the early Chosun —Focused on Yoo-Seungwon's ≪Study on status system of early Chosun Dynasty≫—
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Early Chosun; Social status; Yoo-Seungwon; Yangchunjae theory; four social status; Class; 조선 초기; 신분제; 劉承源; 양천제; 4신분설; 신분층; 계층
한국사연구, no.146, pp 335 - 360
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Yoo-seungwon critically investigated and pointed out methodological problems of existing studies by using ≪Study on status system of early Chosun Dynasty≫ He found the characteristic of status through the gap between different hierarchies and established the criteria for classification detection based on this theory. He said, “A status is a class that indicates the legislated grade of a group, and a class simultaneously having the legislated grade transmit from generation to generation by regulation." He applied his statement to the phenomenon of early Chosun dynasty and tried to explore the characteristic of the status structure. Also, he analyzed the basic structure of the early chosun dynasty by consistently putting the standard detection of class at? hereditary legislated difference, namely, in the form of right. In the process, he presented a general idea of status, and applied it to the analysis of status system in early 'Chosun dynasty', and established what is called 'yangchunjae theoryl'. His ≪Study on status system of early chosun dynasty≫ is the (1)comprehensive of all of the previous studies, and (2)is not only academically meaningful by the fact that it reorganizes prior debate on "yangchunjae theory" but also (3)is significant from historical science point of view since it tries to establish the theory while exploring diverse methodological approach. His 'yangchunjae theory' got major support as various attempts to examine the concept of early chosun dynasty's status system and characteristic of status system structure. Also, it was often criticized for being a very insufficient frame in elucidating the diverse condition of status in early Chosun dynasty. There was an attempt that paid attention to the point that each category of class is qualitatively varied (as being) divided the category of class and presented a general view of the structure. However, now the debate on the idea of status or the status system came to a state of lull. In order to understand Early Chosun dynasty's and Chosun dynasty's status system, the study should be done more passively once more again.
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