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入傳 인물을 통해 본 「東賢事略」의 성격Characteristics of 「Donghyeon Saryak(東賢事略)」 in View of the People Included in 「Donghyeon Saryak(東賢事略)」

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Characteristics of 「Donghyeon Saryak(東賢事略)」 in View of the People Included in 「Donghyeon Saryak(東賢事略)」
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Kwon Geun(權近); Yangchonjip(陽村集); Donghyeon Saryak(東賢事略); Jwajumunseng(座主門生); friendship network(交遊關係); 권근; 양촌집; 동현사략; 좌주문생; 교유관계
한국중세사연구, no.48, pp 225 - 260
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As above, it examined that Kwon Geun tried to enhance the status of his family through his book, 「Donghyeon Saryak」, which selected the characters connected with the relations of his families, relatives and Jwajumunseng as sages [Donghyeon] of our country. It is going to summarize this writing to replace the closing remarks. The composition of the contents of 「Donghyeon Saryak」 that includes the lives and whereabouts of 24 persons is made of the basic structure that introduces the basic information (Ja, Ho, Family Clan, Family Line), whereabouts (Gwageo Geupje, Gwageo supervision, other activities) and official histories, and it evaluates nature or additionally describe writing activities. While 「Donghyeon Saryak」 is an abbreviated type compared to 『Goryeosa』 biography or memorial inscription, the composition of the contents are not quite different. What is noticeable is some aspects that are difficult to be considered Donghyeon in other records are confirmed. As for examples of unfair description, first Kwon Geun omitted the contents or Buddhism related aspects that are disadvantageous to evaluate the characters as Donghyeon. Kwon Geun intentionally omitted the fact that impeachment for the characters in 「Donghyeon Saryak」 was not excellent, or not upright man of power was found such as giving some favor to requests after receiving a bribe. Second, different from the negative evaluation by other recorders for the selection as Donghyeon and its description by Kwon Geun, 「Donghyeon Saryak」 gives positive evaluation that is contrary to each other. Like this, the contents of 「Donghyeon Saryak」 is lack of objectivity. However, in the results of preceding studies, 「Donghyeon Saryak」 is considered to be part of the order of year 1935 (Taejo 3), and furthermore, this is regarded as the supplement of the sufficient contents in the descriptions related to the characters of 『Goryeoguksa』. Since 「Donghyeon Saryak」 recorded in 『Yangchonjip』 has not a preface or epilogue but the contents of 24 characters, it is not easy to clarify when and why Kwon Geun wrote it. However, the consideration of the preceding studies that the publication of 「Donghyeon Saryak」 is related to the order of Taejo Year 3 should be rethought. It is needed to review what ‘the secret memoir of many sages of our country’ was. First of all, in the point that the term of ‘history’ means ‘being hand down for generations, the secret memoir can be considered to be a secret record that had been handed down for generations rather than a biography of a specific period like 「Donghyeon Saryak」. Moreover, when it is considered that this is related to the situation in the process of transfer of the capital, it is the summary of a geographic secret memoir rather than a summary of a ‘secret memoir’ of a character. In addition, in case of a common writing made by king‘s command, mostly it discloses the fact of king’s command, but there is no comment in the book about king‘s command. Accordingly, it may be some unreasonable to consider it to be a publication by the order of Taejo Year 3. Furthermore, when it comes to the purpose of the book to contribute to the king by king‘s command, as the description of 「Donghyeon Saryak」 by Kwon Geun includes many characters connected to the families of Kwon Geun, it can not ignore the unfair description. Therefore, it should be considered that 「Donghyeon Saryak」 was not made by king‘s order but a separate work from the summary of the secret memoir of the past sages of our country. Even though it is not easy to compare and decide the accurate preparatory period due to no preface or epilogue, the preparatory period can be guessed as the Goryeo Dynasty through the birth and death dates of the characters in 「Donghyeon Saryak」. 「Donghyeon Saryak」 contains characters connecting Kwon Geun and his families. In particular, as the Jwajumunseng relation becomes clear with an emphasis on Kwon Geun and his wife, Kwon Dan, it expands to family and relative relations as well as Jwajumunseng relations based on the characters other than the characters in 「Donghyeon Saryak」. To sum it up, it connects to not only Kwon Geun and relatives but also Jwajumunseng relations. Particularly, it is found that the Jwajumunseng relations which was reviewed through the characters in 「Donghyeon Saryak」 include Kwon Bo and jwaju or munseng, munsengs of munsengs and expands to family and relative relations. This often expands to the characters of his mother‘s side and wife’s family. It means that the 24 characters in 「Donghyeon Saryak」forms a group with the medium of Kwon Geun through expansion and reproduction of Jwajumunseng relations. Like this, the characters in 「Donghyeon Saryak」 are all connected by the relations of Kwon Geun, family, relatives and Jwajumunseng relations. As a circumstantial evidence, unfairness is discovered in the description of the characters in 「Donghyeon Saryak」. That is, even in case of a character with a negative description by the biography, 「Donghyeon Saryak」 omits the description against Donghyeon. Through this, it is found that Kwon Geun tried to enhance the status of his family by selecting the characters connected with family, relative and Jwajumunseng relations as Donghyeon.
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