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  • Drugs of the Future


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  • Drugs of the Future is an interdisciplinary biomedical research journal that publishes well-documented, peer-reviewed articles on topics emerging from the confluence of scientific fields including chemistry, biology, pharmacology, genomics and medicine. The journal identifies and anticipates new trends, advances and breakthroughs in basic, translational and clinical research, and includes the following sections: Monographs, containing comprehensive product information on new compounds in development, including synthesis, preclinical pharmacology, pharmacokinetics and metabolism, safety, clinical studies and drug interactions. Review articles, highlighting therapeutic approaches for the treatment of diseases, compounds under development and those in clinical use. Filling the Gaps in Drug Therapy, covering therapeutic progress in diseases and conditions, some rare and others all too common, for which no effective therapy currently exists, or for which existing therapies are poorly tolerated or otherwise unsatisfactory. Targets to Watch, highlighting targets with potential in drug development. Biomarkers to Watch, focusing on biomarkers undergoing early clinical evaluation for their use in diagnosis, treatment efficacy and target identification. Pipeline on the Move, presented in tabular format, reporting on recent changes or milestones detected on the status of drugs currently under active development. NME Digest, highlighting new, biologically active molecules revealed for the first time in current literature, at congresses and in company communications that are identified by a code number or the chemical name. They include compounds chosen for further pharmacological evaluation or as clinical candidates, new leads whose structural optimization could provide structural diversity of known mechanistic classes of drugs, and new pharmacological tools for investigating drug targets. Congress/meeting reports, providing highlights from major scientific meetings around the world. Indices, including a yearly pharmacostructural index, a cumulative formula index and a cumulative general index of names from 1976 to the present.

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