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  • Early Years: An International Research Journal publishes research papers and scholarly critiques on all issues associated with early childhood education and care. The journal’s overall approach is international and multi-disciplinary, aiming to broaden the cross-national debate by representing a wide range of perspectives from different countries, different disciplines and different research methodologies and paradigms. As the official journal of TACTYC (Association for the Professional Development of Early Years Educators), a particular focus of Early Years is the initial and continuing professional development of early years practitioners for the increasingly complex and demanding work within multi-professional teams and with families from a wide range of social and cultural backgrounds. The editors welcome original and clearly written contributions, in English, which: /// Relate to the initial education, training and continuing professional development of the full spectrum of early years practitioners, including centre leaders and managers, group leaders (teachers, pedagogues, educators), support staff, and higher education academics /// Analyse understandings of pedagogy, professionalism and professional work across cultural and national contexts /// Foreground children’s rights and inclusive practices towards family diversity in different settings and contexts /// Report on research projects /// Review work across a specific area of research /// Review policy frameworks and goals related to early childhood education and care Since 1978 TACTYC has sought, through its Journal and related activites, to provide a voice for all educators who work with young children. As a professional association with its own membership, TACTYC lobbies for the raising of standards in early years provision and promotes discussion of all issues associated with the training and development of early years practitioners. Membership of TACTYC includes a subscription to Early Years. For further information on how to join TACTYC, please visit http://tactyc.org.uk/who-can-join/#who

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