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  • American Journal of Clinical Nutrition


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  • American Society for Clinical Nutrition, Inc.

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  • The most highly rated peer-reviewed, primary research journal in nutrition and dietetics, The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (AJCN) publishes the latest research on topics in nutrition, such as obesity, vitamins and minerals, nutrition and disease, and energy metabolism. The purpose of AJCN is to publish original research studies relevant to human and clinical nutrition. Well-controlled clinical studies that describe scientific mechanisms, efficacy, and safety of dietary interventions in the context of disease prevention or a health benefit will be considered. Public health and epidemiologic studies relevant to human nutrition, and innovative investigations of nutritional questions that employ epigenetic, genomic, proteomic, and metabolomic approaches are encouraged. Solicited editorials,book reviews, solicited or unsolicited review articles, invited controversy position papers, and letters to the Editor that relate to prior AJCN articles are essential components of the AJCN. All submitted material with scientific content will undergo peer review by the Editors or their designees before acceptance for publication. Symposia or workshop articles may be published as supplements to the AJCN and are funded by their sponsors. The AJCN welcomes queries about the publication of supplements. The AJCN uses a 2-part acceptance process for supplements. The first step involves editorial acceptance of the topic and content as provided by the symposium organizer; the following material should be sent to the Editorial Office at title, location, and date of the meeting; the names and affiliations of potential guest editors; the sponsor(s) of the meeting; the sponsor(s) of the publication; and the agenda/program from the meeting along with the names of the speakers. The second step involves anonymous peer review of the individual articles. To be considered for publication, supplement articles must be received within 3 mo of each symposium or workshop. Each manuscript should not exceed 15 text pages, exclusive of tables, figures, and references; must adhere to AJCN style and format; and will be reviewed according to the same scientific standards used to evaluate original research articles.

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