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  • The mission of Development in Practice is to stimulate new thinking and ways of working related to development and humanitarianism globally. The journal brings together academic rigour and practical perspectives with knowledge of development, sharing ideas and experiences among practitioners, scholars, policy shapers, and activists. Contributors to this peer-reviewed journal represent a wide range of cultural and professional backgrounds and experience. Development in Practice particularly encourages new writers as well as previously published authors. We are committed to encouraging submissions from Southern authors and from those outside of academic institutions. We also actively encourage and support authors whose first language is not English. The journal is published in English. Contributions might explore: /// Key issues in development, such as sustainability, communications, participation, civil society, and climate change /// Issues around social exclusion, including those based on ethnicity, disability or gender /// Poverty reduction and working with the extreme poor /// General international development policy and donor practice /// The practice and process of implementing development programmes and projects /// The role of civil society and other development organisations /// Topics including, but not limited to, agriculture, health, education, microfinance, livelihoods, and governance

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