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『고려도경』에 보이는 고려의 의식주Goryeo’s the Necessities of Life in “Goryeodogyeong”

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Goryeo’s the Necessities of Life in “Goryeodogyeong”
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고려도경; 서긍; 의식주; 생활사; 몽수[蒙首]; 잣[松子]; 고기; 수산물; 온돌; 寢牀; 돗자리; Goryeodogyeong; Xuanhe Commissioner’s Illustrated Account of Goryeo; (高麗圖經); SeoGeung(徐兢); Xu Jing; Mongsu(蒙首); pine nut[松子]; ondol[火坑]; bed[寢牀]; the straw mat; food; clothing; and shelter
한국중세사연구, no.55, pp.115 - 140
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Goryeodogyeong is an invaluable resource for understanding the 12th century Goryeo society. This book is a very useful resource to understand the lives of the people of Goryeo Dynasty who do not tell other records. SeoGeung(徐兢) was identified the daily work clothes of the Goryeo people were black hooded to white moshi. Public dressings such as King clothes, customs, and court uniforms were different. From King, however, he had similar attire to farmers and merchants, and even to Taoist masters of Taoism. Women were similar, wearing a white jacket with a yellow skirt, and their ladies wearing a Mongsu(蒙首). Goryeo’s dietary life in Goryeodogyeong includes not only the daily food and banquet food that SeoGeung(徐兢) has eaten, but also the old record of the local products, what he heard about others. So it was mentioned the grain and aquatic products produced in Goryeo and showed interest in the food made at the banquet and the wine made from nonglutinous rice. Especially the people with poor economic power had a lot of aquatic products, and regardless of Buddhism, the senior officials were eating enough to rot their meat. On the other hand, It didn`t know how the specific daily food is prepared, but it can be seen that the side dishes such as “doduk[沙蔘]”, which is provided daily by the office, were raised and served three meals a day. There are few contents because it is hard to know about general residential life. However, the people of Goryeo dug out the ground to make the ondol[火坑], lay on it, and the bed usually made of clay. Laying the straw mat on the floor or elaborately woven was laid on the bed. It was only a month after the prosecutor came to Goryeo, and since he entered the office, he had only half a dozen articles. So, the situation that he described in his own eyes was only the palaces, gateways, Temple, and the office in the open space except for the sea route. Goryeodogyeong provided valuable data on the everyday life of Goryeo Dynasty, and it was of great value as a material to show understanding of China’s consideration at that time.
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