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한국 성인여성의 브래지어 착용 및 구매실태 조사연구-20대 전반 여대생을 중심으로-The Conditions for Wearing and Purchasing Brassieres by Korean Women-Based on the Female College Students in their Early 20's-

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The Conditions for Wearing and Purchasing Brassieres by Korean Women-Based on the Female College Students in their Early 20's-
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Actual conditions of wearing; Actual conditions of purchasing; Satisfactory rate; Breast shape; 착용실태; 구매실태; 만족도; 유방형태
한국의류학회지, v.34, no.2, pp.303 - 317
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This study helps in the production of brassieres suitable for female adults by researching the actual wearing conditions and purchasing status, satisfaction rate, and preferences of female college students in their early 20's. The collected data was analyzed by a SPSSWIN 13.0 Program and the results of the research are as follows. 1. There is a noticeable difference between the breast satisfaction rate and breast size, in addition the satisfactory rate was higher in the normal breast size or a little ample size than in the very small or very big size. According to the shape, the satisfactory rate for the breast appeared to be high in the case of the recognition and evaluation of the hemisphere type than the flat, cone, pop out, and downward type. 2. For fitness, the looseness at the top of the cup (pressed between the breasts at the upper part of the front middle), pressing and looseness at the upper sides of the cup, inappropriate size of the cup, tightness of the wings, tightness at the bottom round of the breasts, the narrow width of the wire, wide space of the shoulder strings, and the sliding of the shoulder strings had problems that needed improvement. 3. The major priorities for purchasing brassieres are size, fitness, and aesthetic qualities. As a result, the size and the fitness are more important than the trend or decorations since the brassiere has the function to support the breasts that shows that hygiene and sanitation are recognized as an important standard for undergarment selection. The size and the fitness are important factors regardless of breast types in the examination of the selection standards of the brassieres for each breast type, but the cone and hemisphere types have higher preferences for design; the pop out type has more considerations for the material of the cloth. The result show that appearance is more important for smaller breasts, but the functionality of the brassier is more important than the appearance for medium and larger breast sizes.
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