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  • The FEBS Journal is an international peer-reviewed Journal devoted to publication of high-quality papers reporting significant advances in the molecular life sciences. Acceptance decisions are based on the originality and quality of the research and its prospective interest to a wide readership. Papers submitted to The FEBS Journal should provide novel perspectives on a biologically relevant problem and be of interest to a broad readership. The scope of the Journal is broad and inclusive. We are particularly interested in papers in which state-of-the-art approaches are applied to bring novel insight into molecular and cellular mechanisms that underlie the functions of molecules, cells and organisms. The Journal also welcomes manuscripts of an interdisciplinary nature, including systems approaches that address fundamental concepts in molecular, cellular or organismal biology. The Journal does not accept papers that lack biological insight. Papers describing bioinformatic analysis, modelling or structural studies of specific systems or molecules should include experimental data. The FEBS Journal also publishes Reviews, Minireviews, Viewpoints and Snapshots on a wide range of topics. These pieces are specially commissioned by our Editorial team and are selected on the basis of their interest to a wide readership. In addition, the Journal publishes Special Issues that provide detailed insight into a specific scientific field. The areas of interest of The FEBS Journal include, but are not limited to: /// Biochemistry /// Bioinformatics and Computational Biology /// Developmental Biology /// Enzymology and Chemical Biology /// Evolutionary Biology /// Genomics /// Immunology /// Molecular and Cell Biology /// Molecular Mechanisms in Health and Disease /// Molecular Microbiology /// Molecular Neurobiology /// Pathogens and Infection /// Proteomics /// Signal Transduction /// Stem Cells /// Structural Biology /// Systems Biology and Synthetic Biology

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