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Keywordscommunications, engineered materials, engineering, manufacturing
Review ProcessBlind peer review
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Subject(s)Technology: Electrical engineering. Electronics. Nuclear engineering


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  • IEEE Access® is a multidisciplinary, open access (OA), applications-oriented, all-electronic archival journal that continuously presents the results of original research or development across all of IEEE's fields of interest. IEEE Access will publish articles that are of high interest to readers, original, technically correct, and clearly presented. Supported by author publication charges (APC), its hallmarks are a rapid peer review and publication process with open access to all readers. Unlike IEEE's traditional Transactions or Journals, reviews are binary, in that reviewers will either Accept or Reject an article in the form it is submitted in order to achieve rapid turnaround. Especially encouraged are submissions on: /// Multidisciplinary topics, or applications-oriented articles and negative results that do not fit within the scope of IEEE's traditional journals. /// Practical articles discussing new experiments or measurement techniques, interesting solutions to engineering. /// Development of new or improved fabrication or manufacturing techniques. /// Reviews or survey articles of new or evolving fields oriented to assist others in understanding the new area. To be accepted for publication in IEEE Access, articles must satisfy the following criteria: 1.The article should be original writing that enhances the existing body of knowledge in the given subject area. Original review articles and surveys are acceptable even if new data/concepts are not presented. 2.Results reported have not been submitted or published elsewhere (although expanded versions of conference publications are eligible for submission). 3.Experiments, statistics, and other analyses are performed to a high technical standard and are described in sufficient detail. 4.Conclusions are presented in an appropriate fashion and are supported by the data. 5.The article is presented in an intelligible fashion and is written in standard English. 6.Appropriate references to related prior published works must be included. IEEE Access editors, and any invited external peer reviewers, will evaluate submissions against these criteria.

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